“Green is Good” is more than a slogan, it also represents the many benefits of a fertile, healthy lawn. A healthy lawn is one easy way for us to do our part to help the environment and keep Leelanau County and Traverse City beautiful.

Scientific research has documented the many benefits of a healthy lawn. Our lawns, parks, and other open areas:

  • Release oxygen to cool the air;
  • Help to control pollution and soil erosion;
  • Clean and replenish our water supply.

In addition to the positive environmental effects, a healthy lawn also has many societal benefits. Such as:

  • Provide a low cost and safe place for fun and games;
  • Help increase quality of life;
  • Increase a home’s property value.

Green is Cooler Temperatures

A fertile, well maintained yard has tremendous cooling effects on the environment. On a hot summer day, grass will be 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and about 14 degrees cooler than bare dirt!

The front lawns of eight houses can have the cooling effect of around 70 tons of air conditioning… and most home air conditioners only have a three to four ton capacity!

Green is Cleaner Air

A healthy lawn is very effective in reducing pollution. Grass is very adept at trapping dust, dirt, and debris from the air. A lawn that is 2,500 square feet absorbs enough carbon dioxide from the atmosphere that it can produce enough oxygen for a family of four to breathe.

Green is Better Water Quality

Runoff water on streets and sidewalks can carry many pollutants. A healthy lawn acts as a natural filter by purifying the water as it passes through the grass’ roots, thus providing a clean groundwater supply.

Soil erosion also contributes negatively to the groundwater supply because it can also carry many pollutants. Grass helps stabilize the soil with its expansive root system.

Green is Fun

The soft, resilient qualities of grass make it the safest and least expensive place to play. The expansive root system allows a lawn to withstand the rigors of physical activity. Also, the soil and grass help absorb impact to help prevent injury.

Green is Quality of Life

Grass adds to the beauty of our lives and even our health. Doctors have shown that patients recover faster when given a landscape view rather seeing only the walls of the room or an adjoining building.

Also, studies have shown that green spaces are beneficial for children. Kids with a higher amount of “greenness” in their surroundings tend to function at a higher level. They have also shown that it can increase a child’s self-esteem AND decrease the symptoms of ADD.

Green is Money

A home with a beautiful lawn and landscape helps to enhance the curb appeal and can add as much as 15 percent to the value of the home

Green is Good

With all of the benefits of a healthy lawn, it is easy to see why it is important to make sure your grass thrives. This can be done by providing all of the nutrients it needs and reducing its natural enemies (weeds). If we all do our little part, we can contribute to the well-being of our beautiful planet to ensure that it can be enjoyed by our future generations.

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