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Your ugly, brown grass has been driving you crazy. You are tired of all the weeds and stressed out with trying to create game plan to make your lawn look better.

It’s time to let the Green Team call the plays.

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Regular fertilization applications are as important as fueling up before the big game. Each application acts as your lawn’s food, providing your grass with the essential nutrients it needs. Timing your lawn fertilization is important and can vary year to year.

We offer both traditional and organic fertilization programs.

Before HyrdretainAfter Hyrdretain

Hydretain Applications

Staying hydrated is key to any athlete’s success, and your lawn is no different! Hydretain is a lawn and plant treatment that helps use moisture (water) that would otherwise be lost to evaporation. Our sandy Northern Michigan soils make it tough for your grass and plants to get the hydration they need. This fully biodegradable product contains no phosphates, petrochemicals, or other toxic fractions, so its not only good for your grass, but great for the environment too.

Weed and Grub Control

A strong, healthy grass crowds out weeds and pests. Our fertilization applications contain pre-emergent weed control, crabgrass preventative, and more. Some lawns need a little extra attention though, so both spot treatments and broadcast lawn treatments are optional add-on lawn care services.

Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration and overseeding are the true underdogs of lawn care. Aeration helps bring back to life struggling lawns by removing small plugs, allowing for oxygen, water, and nutrients to reach the root zone of your grass. When combined with overseeding, aeration can help a lawn fill in and look more healthy. Typically, this service is provided in the fall months!

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Our blogs are here to help! Read about tackling landscape maintenance on your own and learn where a professional might come in handy.

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