Reduced Compaction = Better Nutrient Uptake

Core aeration is the most underrated service that can be done to your lawn. Each year the soil in your lawn becomes more compacted due to foot traffic and snow load. The compacted soil slows the flow of oxygen, water, and nutrients into the roots of the grass. It can also hinder root development because the roots cannot easily move through the dirt.

Core aeration removes thousands of small plugs from the turf and creates voids. This allows for the oxygen, water, and nutrients to easily travel to the root zone. It also loosens the dirt so the roots can dive deeper into the soil. The grass becomes more tolerant to stresses, such as weed pressure, extreme heat, drought, and insect damage.

We find the best time to core aerate in Traverse City and Leelanau County is in the fall. Typically later in September through the end of October. This timing complements the high potassium fall fertilizer application, which is a nutrient essential to root development. This is also a great time to overseed your lawn because the cores and voids created by the aerator create perfect seedbeds for new grass germination. Visit our “Seeding” page under the “Services” tab to learn more about our seeding services.

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Traverse City Core Aeration