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What is Perimeter Pest Control for a home and is it worth the cost?

Spiders, earwigs, and ants… OH MY!

No one wants to fear a trip to the basement because of a pest problem, or even worse, encounter these creepy crawly bugs in your kitchen or main living space. But how do you beat bugs for good in Northern Michigan?

Perimeter pest control has emerged as a popular and effective solution to keep these unwanted intruders at bay. Let’s explore what perimeter pest control is, how it works, and if it is worth the investment.

pest control expert sprays product at foundation of home

What is Perimeter Pest Control?

Perimeter pest control is a proactive approach to managing bugs like ants, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, and spiders. This pest control works by creating a protective barrier around the exterior of your home. The barrier acts as a deterrent, preventing pests from entering your living spaces.

How does Perimeter Pest Control work?

Unlike traditional pest control methods, like an exterminator, perimeter pest control aims to stop bugs before they even get into your home. Also, exterminators typically need to come apply products on the inside of your home, whereas perimeter pest control only applies products to the exterior.

Professional pest control companies use specialized products that create a protective shield, discouraging pests from approaching. The treatment is applied to the foundation of your home along with any exterior walls, garages, or additional potential entry points. The pesticides chosen are safe for humans and pets after they have dried but are lethal to common pests.

The formula that we use at Green Team guarantees at least 90 days of protective coverage. The spray is meant to withstand high temperatures and intense sunlight. Professional perimeter pest control formulas control over 25 pests, helping to protect your home from nearly all bugs that try to move in.

Perimeter pest control expert sprays home for bugs

Is Perimeter Pest Control worth the investment?

As you likely know, most homeowners in Northern Michigan have to deal with pests. The surrounding woods areas create a friendly environment for them to both breed and live. Since perimeter pest control is a preventative measure, it means the goal is to stop infestations before the occur. If your area is prone to certain pets such as ants or spiders, investing in a perimeter pest control program can save you from the headaches and costs associated with dealing with a full-blown infestation.

Knowing that your home is protected by a pest barrier can provide peace of mind as well. If you have experienced the frustration of dealing with pest invading your living space you will find the investment in perimeter pest control well worth the cost.

Professional pest control companies have access to products that are much more effective than you can find at your local hardware store. Applicators are also required by the state of Michigan to have a license, meaning they have studied for and passed a difficult test and do continuing education each year to keep their certification. They also know what to look for as far as potential problem areas when spraying.

Typically, in Northern Michigan, professional companies spray twice each summer season. When getting quotes for reputable companies, be sure to ask about what pests are covered, what products will be used, how long the products will last, and if there are any guarantees. If you already have a trusted lawn care, landscape, or mosquito control company, consider asking them if they offer perimeter pest control.

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What can I do to prevent pest infestations?

If you are not ready to invest in pest control, there are several things you can to do help prevent infestations. Even if you plan to pay for perimeter pest control, taking these easy steps to prepare your home will help cut back on bugs even more.

  1. Keep your outdoor landscape neat– Keep vegetation, bushes, and trees around your home well-trimmed. Overgrown plantings can provide hiding spots and pathways for pests to easily access your home.
  2. Control food spills or crumbs– Food messes and crumbs attract bugs. Proper sanitation helps to deter pests from finding a food source in your living space.
  3. Maintain the exterior of your home– Inspect your home regularly for potential entry points such as gaps in doors, windows, and foundations. Remember to seal any cracks or entry points you find.
  4. Clean gutters– Leaf and debris build-up in gutters makes a great nesting place for pests. Clean your gutters regularly to help discourage bugs from making themselves comfortable in your gutters.
pest control expert inspects home for pests

Deciding if Perimeter Pest Control is right for your home

Perimeter pest control offers a proactive and effective solution to keep pests at bay. While there is an investment required, the long-term benefits, including peace of mind and potential cost savings, make it a worthwhile consideration. By combining perimeter pest control with good home maintenance practices, you can create a fortress against unwanted intruders, ensuring your home remains comfortable and relaxing.

Here at Green Team, our experts are trained to both inspect the exterior of your home and treat it with perimeter pest control spray. In addition, we offer mosquito, tick, and flea yard treatments to help battle additional summer time pests.

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