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Is it Worth It to Hire Professional Lawn Care Services?

It’s a sunny Saturday morning in beautiful Traverse City, MI. You are faced with the age-old dilemma of tackling your lawn care chores or seizing the day at the beach with family and friends. It’s a tough call, isn’t it?

On one hand, you want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood and a safe place for family and guests to enjoy, but on the other, who wants to spend their precious weekend fertilizing and battling weeds?

It is a struggle many homeowners know too well, and it might just be why you are weighing if professional lawn care services are really worth it.

Let’s dive into six reasons why it may be beneficial to have professionals handle your lawn care and how it can transform your turf and give you back your time.

6 Benefits of Hiring Professional Lawn Care Services

While many landscaping services lend themselves well to D.I.Y., lawn care services, like fertilization are truly best performed by a professional. Let’s look at six ways you and your lawn can benefit from hiring professional lawn care services in Traverse City, MI.

pest control expert shakes hands with homeowner

1. Professional Lawn Care Saves You Time

Maintaining a pristine lawn requires considerable time and effort, a precious commodity for busy homeowners. Caring for your lawn requires more than just mowing it. From figuring out which fertilizer to purchase to researching when is the right time to apply it to actually having to fertilize your turf multiple times a season, no one wants to spend their beautiful Northern Michigan summer caring for their lawn. By enlisting the service of professional lawn care providers, homeowners can reclaim valuable time that would otherwise be spent working.

2. Experts Offer Knowledge

When it comes to caring for your lawn in Michigan, there’s no substitute for the expertise and knowledge that professional lawn care services bring to the table. Northern Michigan’s climate and soil conditions are unique, presenting challenges that require a deep understanding and expertise to navigate effectively.

In the state of Michigan, for lawn care companies to operate legally, each of their technicians must be licensed. This means they not only have to study for and pass a difficult exam, they also are required to complete educational hours to keep their certification. When looking to select a professional lawn care company, be sure to ask if their technicians are licensed.

As a result of the training and continuing education that technicians must complete, they are truly experts in their field. Professional lawn care technicians have extensive knowledge about grass types, weeds, pests, and lawn diseases. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge and experience, professional lawn care providers develop customized strategies tailored to the unique needs of your lawn.

lawn care expert inspects grass with homeowner

3. Consistent and Reliable Lawn Care Service

One of the most important aspects of lawn care is that it is performed consistently at the correct time of year. Fertilizer that is applied too early or too late in the season is ineffective. Lawn aeration performed at the wrong time of year does not yield the results you may have been hoping for. Whether it is weekend soccer games with your kids or hosting guests, you may not be available to provide the care your lawn needs when it needs it. Sporadic DIY efforts can lead to inconsistent care and unfortunately lackluster outcomes.

With scheduled visits and meticulous attention to detail, lawn care professionals ensure your lawn receives the care it needs all season long. Regular maintenance tasks like fertilization, aeration, and weed control are conducted on a predictable schedule, eliminating guesswork and ensuring optimal results. This consistency not only fosters a healthier, more vibrant lawn but also provides peace of mind, knowing that your outdoor space is in capable hands.

healthy green grass in front of home with mowing lines

4. Professional Lawn Care is Cost-effective

Many homeowners tend to shy away from hiring professional lawn care services because of the cost. While it makes sense to assume expert lawn care services would cost significantly more than DIY efforts, that is not necessarily true. Homeowners often underestimate the cumulative costs of purchasing and maintaining equipment, acquiring quality products, and addressing potential damages resulting from inexperienced care.

Professional lawn care services encompass all these elements within a single, transparent pricing structure. The expertise and consistency lawn care technicians bring to the table reduces the risk of cost mistakes and ensures optimal use of resources.

lawn care expert applies granular fertilizer on ride on machine

4. Enhance Your Curb Appeal with Expert Lawn Care

A well-maintained lawn is not just a source of pride for you as a homeowner; it’s also a powerful asset in enhancing curb appeal and increasing property value. Professional lawn care services play a pivotal role in cultivating a lush, healthy lawn that becomes the envy of the neighborhood.

Beyond just aesthetics, a vibrant lawn suggests diligent maintenance and care, creating a positive first impression for visitors. If you are looking to sell your home in the near future, studies consistently show that homes with well-maintained landscapes command higher prices and attract more potential buyers.

automower cuts lawn and leaves line

6. Qualified Lawn Care Experts Help Protect the Environment

Professional lawn care companies are increasingly embracing eco-friendly practices to minimize their environmental footprint and promote sustainability. By prioritizing the use of sustainable products and techniques, these professionals not only ensure a beautiful lawn but also contribute to the preservation of Michigan’s natural resources. Experts are much less likely to apply too much fertilizer or apply the wrong chemical to the incorrect area. These mistakes can result in serious environmental implications.

From organic fertilizers and natural pest control methods to water-conserving Hydretain applications to electric vehicles and equipment, the Green Team is working to minimize our environmental impact.

husqvarna automower cutting grass

Selecting a Professional Lawn Care Service in Grand Traverse and Leelanau County, MI

With several lawn care companies to choose from, it can be really difficult to decide which is the right fit for you.

At Green Team, our licensed applicators are not just skilled technicians; they are defenders of your outdoor space, ensuring consistent, reliable services that elevate not just your lawn, but your lifestyle too. With our seamless online platform where you can schedule additional services or pay invoices to our commitment to sustainable practices, Green Team makes the task of caring for your lawn easier than ever before.

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