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What are Sustainable Landscaping Practices?

Whether you have lived in the Traverse City area your entire life or you have recently moved here, you’ve learned it’s known for more than just cherries.

The bright blue lakes with crystal clear fresh water, the white sandy beaches, the dense forests filled with a huge variety of trees, and the jaw-dropping sand dunes with awe-inspiring views. The diverse landscapes that sprinkle the Northern Michigan area make living here sometimes feel like a dream.

And it’s for that very reason you may find yourself Googling environmentally friendly landscaping. With growing research supporting the stress our environment is under, it makes sense you would be interested in protecting this beautiful area we live in.

Let’s explore what sustainable landscaping is, why it is so important, and what landscaping services are considered environmentally friendly.

What is sustainable landscaping?

Sustainable landscaping, or eco-friendly, environmentally conscious landscaping encompasses practices that prioritize environmental health, resource conservation, and long-term viability. It involves designing, installing, and maintaining outdoor spaces in a manner that minimizes negative impacts on the ecosystem.

This approach can focus on avoiding invasive plantings and using native ones instead. It can also focus on reducing the amount of chemical inputs, such as pesticides and fertilizer, opting for organic and integrated pest management techniques instead. Sustainable landscaping can also include using water-efficient irrigation systems and applications of organic products that reduce watering requirements.

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Why does sustainable landscaping matter in the Traverse City Area?

While it may seem obvious why it is wise to use sustainable landscaping practices whenever possible, let’s explore why our area in particular can benefit.

Near bodies of water or protected land areas like our sand dunes, sustainable landscaping becomes even more critical. These sensitive ecosystems are highly susceptible to degradation from pollutants, invasive species, and habitat destruction. By implementing sustainable landscape practices especially in these areas, we can help preserve the natural balance of these environments and the unique biodiversity they harbor.

Sustainable landscaping matters because it promotes environmental stewardship, conserves and protects natural resources, and safeguards delicate ecosystems. By embracing sustainable landscaping practices, we can create beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance biodiversity and support healthy ecosystems instead of destroy them and ensure a more sustainable future for generations to come.

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What sustainable landscaping service options are available?

Here at Green Team, we try to offer a sustainable landscaping option for every service we offer. We want you to have a choice, and we know that sometimes organic or sustainable options do just not work as well as traditional ones. As new advancements are made in the Green Industry, we are committed to offering eco-friendly options whenever possible.

We currently offer the following sustainable landscaping options:

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Partnering with a Lawn & Pest Care Company that is Environmentally Friendly

If the Northern Michigan environment is important to you, it is wise to start making small changes. That can start by selecting a company that puts sustainable landscaping at the forefront of their operation. When you inquire, as if they have environmentally conscious options or alternatives to see if they might be a good fit for you.

As a company, we are committed to learning and growing always. That’s why we are a part of several different organizations that communicate and offer training in new eco-friendly products and equipment to hit the market. Both the National Association of Landscape Professionals and the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association are dedicated to making the “Green Industry” more green in the future.

Are you curious about how sustainable landscaping options can work for you? One of our landscape experts would be happy to have an honest and open conversation about what sustainable practices would be a good fit for your property and which would not.

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