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TruGreen vs. Green Team Lawn Care: Comparing 2 Lawn Care Services in Traverse City, MI

Finding lawn and pest care services in the Northern Michigan area can be really challenging. There are so many companies to choose from it can be hard to tell the differences and similarities between each.

So how do you begin to select a lawn care company that is the right fit for you?

One of the best ways is to compare your top lawn care contenders to see which is the best choice for you. If you have had experience working with lawn care companies in the past, you know that each company can be really quite different. Taking the time to do some research and explore your options can help you feel confident with your choice.

Let’s compare TruGreen to Green Team Lawn Care so you know what each company has to offer.

Who is TruGreen Lawn Care?

After a quick search on their website, we ended up having to visit Google to search about TruGreen to learn a little about the company. According to what we found, TruGreen has over 314 branches all across the United States and over 35 franchise locations as well. The state they are the nation’s largest lawn care company. They were founded in 1973 and are now based out of Memphis, TN.

The most obvious and largest difference between TruGreen and Green Team is that TruGreen is a nationwide corporation with millions of customers. Green Team was founded in 2010 by a Traverse City local. The company grew too large for the owner to manage, so he sold the company to the local husband-wife team of Doug and Patti Bonnell, owners of TruNorth Landscaping. Our team and owners don’t only work in the Grand Traverse area, but they live here too.

Green Team Lawn Care is located in Leelanau County, MI, and operates out of the same building as TruNorth Landscaping. We focus on serving the Grand Traverse and Leelanau County areas, and as a result, have no additional locations or franchises. This focus on one area allows us to become true experts in caring for issues that directly impact our area. We have learned that focusing on a smaller service area also allows us to provide more customized and personal service to our client base.

lawn care technician drives truck

Comparing Services in the Grand Traverse County Area

At first glance, TruGreen offers many of the same services at Green Team Lawn Care. Both companies offer lawn care such as fertilization, aeration, and pest treatments, as well as mosquito control and some plant health care services such as horticultural oil applications. It appears both companies also offer organic lawn care services and service both residential and commercial clients.

Green Team Lawn Care also offers the following services that TruGreen does not:

In addition to these services, Green Team’s parent company, TruNorth Landscaping offers a variety of services that can be inquired upon when calling Green Team:

automower cuts lawn and leaves line

Comparing Online Reviews and Resources for Clients

Green Team Lawn Care has a Google rating of 5 stars overall. TruGreen has a Google rating of 4.2 stars overall. Green Team has significantly fewer reviews than TruGreen, as they are a newer and much smaller company.

As far as resources, Green Team has an easy-to-use customer portal, where clients can add new services, leave notes for the team, or even pay their invoices. We couldn’t find any customer login on the Traverse City website for TruGreen.

Both companies have a blog available for customers to utilize. The Green Team blog has longer articles overall, more articles, and blogs that offer advice to customers on services they don’t offer like lawn mowing.

We didn’t see any organizations like the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Association or the National Landscaping Association listed anywhere as professional organizations that TruGreen belongs to. Green Team belongs to both organizations and some additional ones because these professional groups offer great learning tools to our teams. Training sessions and informational materials help to keep our applicators well-educated and properly trained. As new technology emerges, both the local and national landscape associations help their members to learn and apply them effectively.

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Comparing Sustainability Efforts

With the most beautiful natural resource, our fresh water, so nearby, we believe it is essential to focus our efforts on being as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. We are working toward becoming a fully electric fleet, which will include all of our trucks and equipment.

With small engines, like backpack sprayers, being one of the small machines that contributes to the most greenhouse gas pollution, we are consciously purchasing equipment that doesn’t harm our ecosystem. We try to offer organic services for nearly every one of our service offerings, including our robotic mower services.

We did not see any mention of organic services or sustainability on the TruGreen Traverse City website.

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Making a Choice between TruGreen and Green Team Lawn Care

We know that selecting a lawn care or pest care company in Northern Michigan can be really difficult.

However, if you invest time researching and exploring each company’s website, you can end up with a landscape you love.

Ultimately, when making the choice between TruGreen and Green Team, you have to select which company you feel will be the best fit for you and aligns more closely with your goals and values.

At Green Team Lawn Care, we would love for you to consider us as an option for lawn care, pest care, and robotic mowing services in the Leelanau County and Grand Traverse area. We started with a vision to be different than other landscaping companies in the area, to be a lifelong partner you can count on by doing things the right way the first time and not cutting corners.

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