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DIY Landscaping Tips to Complement Your Robotic Lawn Mower

Navigating all the aspects of lawn care can feel overwhelming, even when you’ve got your robotic mower doing the heavy lifting. But keeping your lawn truly vibrant and healthy involves more than just cutting grass. 

Let’s explore all of the landscaping jobs you need to tackle in order to keep your turf in it’s best condition.

Fertilizing Your Lawn

A beautiful and lush lawn needs regular water, airflow, sunlight, and nutrients. Lawn fertilizer involves applying nutrients to the soil that promote growth, strengthen roots, and improve overall soil health. Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are key nutrients commonly found in fertilizers, each playing a vital role in different aspects of plant development. Nitrogen encourages vibrant green growth, phosphorus supports root development and growth, while potassium enhances disease resistance and overall hardiness.

Choosing the right type of fertilizer depends on your lawn’s specific needs and soil conditions. Organic fertilizers can certainly enrich the soil much like traditional varieties, however they do not offer integrated weed control options.

To complement your robotic mower’s trimming routine and maximize the effectiveness of fertilization, it’s crucial to apply fertilizer at the right time and in the correct amount. Early spring and fall are optimal times for fertilizing, even though they are often viewed as less important than summer applications. Avoid fertilizing during periods of drought or excessive heat to prevent added stress to your lawn. Be sure to properly calibrate your spreader and follow recommended application rates to ensure even coverage and minimize the risk of nutrient runoff.

lawn care technician pours granular fertilizer into spreader

Effective Watering Techniques

Effective watering techniques are crucial when using a robotic mower to maintain a healthy and vibrant lawn. Adequate moisture levels direct impact lawn health by promoting deep root growth and resilience to stressors like heat and foot traffic. 

It can be challenging to know if you are watering too much or too little. Signs of overwatering include soggy patches, fungal growth, and water run off. Signs of under-watering can result in dry, brown patches and wilted grass. 

To complement mowing with a robotic mower, it’s essential to water deeply and infrequently, allowing the soil to absorb moisture effectively without excessive runoff. Consider switching to a smart irrigation system, which uses sensors to measure soil moisture levels and adjusts watering schedules accordingly. This not only prevents over or under-watering but also promotes water conservation by delivering water only when and where it is needed most.

sprinkler head waters grass

Moisture Treatments

Considering the often sandy soils found here in Northern Michigan, adding a moisture treatment of Hydretain to your turf can help to improve it’s health. Hydretain helps your soil retain moisture, so your waterings are more effective and your grass more vibrant.

hydretain granules in hand

Line Trimming and Edging

Line trimming and edging are essential components of lawn care that complement the efficiency of a robotic mower in maintaining a pristine outdoor space. While robotic mowers excel at mowing large areas with precision, line trimming, and edging provide the finishing touches that enhance the overall appearance of your lawn. 

Edging involves creating clean, defined borders along sidewalks, driveways, and garden beds, which not only improves curb appeal but also prevents grass from encroaching onto hard surfaces. Line trimming involves tidying up hard-to-reach areas such as around trees, fences, and landscaping features, ensuring a uniform and manicured look throughout the lawn. 

Despite the efficiency of robotic lawn mowers, regular edging and trimming are necessary to maintain a polished appearance and prevent overgrowth in areas that may be difficult for the mower to reach.

lawn care expert trims grass

Seasonal Lawn Care Tasks

In addition to caring for your lawn in the growing season, seasonal tasks play a crucial role in maintaining its health and appearance, especially when complemented by a robotic mower. Spring and fall cleanups are essential to remove debris like fallen leaves and twigs that can smother grass and hinder growth. Aeration in the fall months helps improve soil compaction, allowing nutrients, water, and oxygen to penetrate deep into the roots for healthier turf. Overseeding bare or thin patches at the time of aeration can promote denser grass coverage, enhancing the lawn’s resilience against weeds and disease. 

Preparing the robotic mower for winter months involves cleaning its blades and undercarriage to prevent rust and storing it in a dry, sheltered location.

Pest and Weed Management

Effective pest and weed management is essential when using a robotic mower to maintain a healthy lawn. Regular inspection is key to spotting early signs of weeds and pests such as grubs, aphids, or crabgrass, which can disrupt lawn health and appearance. Identifying these issues promptly allows for targeted treatment options, ranging from organic sprays to integrated pest management techniques. 

Weed control involves both preventative measures like maintaining a proper mowing height to promote strong grass growth and selective herbicide applications to target specific weed species without harming desirable plants.

Partnering with a Landscaping Company for Full Lawn Care Services

Caring for every aspect of your lawn can indeed be a demanding task, requiring attention to fertilization, watering, trimming, seasonal maintenance, and pest control. While robotic mowers simplify mowing, achieving a truly vibrant and healthy lawn involves more than just cutting grass. Completing each of these taks not only enhances curb appeal but also promotes strong root development, disease resistance, and overall resilience of your turf. 

While some may prefer to DIY these tasks, partnering with a professional lawn care company can provide expert guidance and ensure superior results. Here at Green Team we offer comprehensive service plans tailored to fully care for your lawn, integrating robotic mower expertise with meticulous attention to all aspects of lawn maintenance. By choosing our team, you can enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn while minimizing environmental impact and maximizing the health of your outdoor space.

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